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For Students

KidWind Project is one that was created by Michael Arquin, a schoolteacher in the Northeast who saw a need for wind energy curricula in our classrooms.  The KidWind Project has now evolved into a team of teachers, students, engineers, and practitioners with the goal of introducing middle and high school students to wind power through hands-on science activities.  

The KidWind project provides useful educational tools for teachers on wind energy.  It provides background information; so little to no previous knowledge of wind energy is required.  The website includes lessons on blade design, wind data analysis, and more.  There are also several hands-on activities to get students involved.  One of these is the building of a wind turbine from materials that are easy to obtain.  For more advanced students, there are exercises that can be developed to measure the wind energy potential in a given area.  There are also several power point presentations prepared and can lead to helpful ideas for teachers.  Another, feature present is a link to other wind energy websites and this can be useful for more ideas.  The KidWind wind energy project site covers all levels of students from basic activities like discovering what wind is, to more complex activities like what are wind power curves.  In any educational experience involving wind energy, the KidWind project site should be a first stop for all educators.

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